SimplySmart Child Care Centre and Montessori provides daycare programs to children from the ages of 6 months to 6 years of age. Each of our childcare locations is very unique and comes with a story of its own. Like every child, our childcare and Montessori centres are special in their own way. Some of our locations have been around for over 40 years and others are just beginning the construction phase. Our locations focus on holistic learning and creating well-rounded children in areas of math, language, science, music, self-help skills, gross motor skills, etc.

Child playing at a daycare in SimplySmart ChildCare Centre-Waterloo


SimplySmart- Waterloo daycare location offers programs for toddlers and preschool and is a very unique centre. This childcare centre has been in the neighborhood for 40+ years. Parents that attended the center when they were younger are now bringing their children there. The centre understands the importance of the community and family. They invite parents to come and celebrate with us and host a little holiday concert. After the concert is complete, we also invite the parents for refreshments. This gives them the opportunity to socialize with one another.

They also hold yearly backyard graduation under the mature shady trees for the children going off to J/K. We invite the whole family to come and celebrate the next chapter in their children’s life with a small concert, refreshments, and a photo wall that walks them down memory lane. Community involvement is very important. They will often bring in various community partners to do things from the Nimble bus to Monkeynastix.

SimplySmart- Vaughan

SimplySmart- Vaughan childcare and Montessori offers programs for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and has a Montessori program. It is a Franchised location and opened in September 2020. This center operates at a capacity of 55 children. It is beautifully built with vibrant colours and plenty of windows. SimplySmart – Vaughan childcare has 2 playgrounds that are wonderful with wooden chalkboards and a variety of surfaces. This allows children to explore during outdoor time. The centre will have various events throughout the year, such as picture day, a Mother’s and Father’s Day celebration, along with picture day at the child care centre.

Teacher teaching child at SimplySmart daycare in Mississauga

SimplySmart- Mississauga

SimplySmart- Mississauga childcare and Montessori is our first Child Care Centre and Montessori that was opened. This location has been open for eight years and is our largest location with a licensed capacity of 134 children. The childcare for infants here is great for parents with live streaming since they can be a part of their child’s day. The Toddler daycare program is focused on language development with basic words and sounds, colors and shapes, and self-help skills.

The Preschool childcare program is focused on developing their understanding of numbers, math skills, language and sentence development, science and how the universe works, the community, and diversity. Whether the parents choose the Montessori program for their child or the emergent program their child will develop in all the areas mentioned above.

SimplySmart- Mississauga daycare is home to our head office and has a large tie to the Mississauga community. One of our favorite events to host is our summer animal farm event for families. We found innovative ways to keep connected to our families during the lockdown by hosting weekly zoom calls. We understand the importance of connections and value the families who put their trust in SimplySmart Child Care & Montessori.

We keep connected throughout the year by hosting events to celebrate all of the special occasions. During the Holidays, the children work really hard to prepare for the concert that is put on for parents. This daycare and Montessori location has three playgrounds catering to Infant, toddler, and preschool needs for gross motor and outdoor time for children.


SimplySmart-Brampton daycare and Montessori has been open for almost three years. It was the first location to be built on the new design of SimplySmart. A design that has now become the flagship look for SimplySmart and the families who attend. SimplySmart-Brampton childcare is situated right off Mississauga road but also nicely tucked into a family-friendly community. This location, from having a top-notch infant daycare program, to providing an amazing toddler childcare program with a focus on forming words and self-help skills to providing an enhanced preschool daycare learning program via Montessori or Emergent philosophy, is a great comprehensive place for a child’s learning.

It is licensed for 95 children, many of whom can walk to the centre. The daycare center works closely with community partners because they understand the importance that everyone brings to the table in helping educate the children in their center. This childcare facility has three playgrounds for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers for outdoor recess.

SimplySmart – Iroquois

SimplySmart – Iroquois, Oakville childcare and Montessori is under construction and will be ready to open in May. This is a beautiful 7400 sq. ft. facility that has been built with 3 playgrounds for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers/kindergartners. It will offer a Montessori program in Oakville as well as a regular play-based daycare option for parents to choose from for their children. Its infant daycare program in Oakville will focus on sign language, gross motor, and sensory development. The toddler childcare program will focus on language, shapes, colors, basic numbers, etc.

The preschool daycare or CASA Montessori program will focus on writing skills, detailed language development with sentence formation, math skills and focus on community and world and science. It will offer live streaming so parents can have peace of mind if they wish to be a part of their child’s day. This Childcare Centre will offer summer camp programs for kindergartners. Many parents are on the waitlist for this Childcare Centre and Montessori to open and we encourage parents to sign up if they wish to register their child when this Centre opens in May 2021.

SimplySmart- Bloor Toronto

SimplySmart- Bloor Toronto childcare and Montessori is also under construction and will be ready to open in January 2022. This Toronto Daycare & Montessori facility will be across three floors offering programs for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. It will give parents a choice of play-based or Montessori childcare program. There are three playgrounds on the top floor for children to explore during their outdoor time every day. This facility is being built beautifully just like SimplySmart- Brampton and SimplySmart – Iroquois. Parents are getting on the waitlist to be able to register their child when we open.

Our tentative opening date is January 2022 for our Bloor, Toronto childcare location. The infant childcare program at this location will be focused on developing sensory and gross motor skills along with sign language. The toddler childcare program will focus on developing language, learning about shapes, colors, the alphabet, and gross motor skills. The Preschool and Montessori daycare program will focus on advancing language development, comprehension, writing, understanding the world, diversity, science, and gross motor skills.

SimplySmart is continuing to grow and expand our amazing childcare centres into other areas of Ontario. In early 2022, we will be opening our second location in Oakville on Sinclair Road that is currently taking registrations. SimplySmart Child Care and Montessori looks forward to meeting new families and welcoming them into our family and being a part of different communities across Ontario.