About Us

We at SimplySmart learn and evolve everyday!

At SimplySmart we have created beautiful spacious Child care & Montessori facilities carefully designed keeping a child’s needs in mind.

We have created open child care spaces and an environment just like home away from home for children aged 6 months to 4 years. SimplySmart is SIMPLE, it is a Safe, Interactive, Meaningful, Pleasant, Learning  Environment for your child. We are a child care that offers a comprehensive curriculum, great nutritious meals and a choice of program to fit your child’s needs. We focus on holistic development of a child in all aspects of physical, social and emotional development. Every child is encouraged to embrace and learn our core values of honesty, respect, gratitude & generosity, determination, compassion & responsibility.

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We use technology and embrace it.

iPad recording preschoolers' activities in classroom

We have our own SimplySmart App that enables you to receive daily reports digitally on your phones, learning moments of your child on your phone for you to store and share with your family & friends, and message teachers via the chat feature on the App. It also keeps you informed of all the events at school and any other important announcements. This not only helps parents and teachers but also helps us do our part in saving the environment. We also have live streaming over the internet so you can watch your child at work or home and not miss those precious moments that I know I did not want to miss.

Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I Learn.

– Benjamin Franklin

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I Learn.

– Benjamin Franklin

About the Founder

Harleen Laroia

Harleen Laroia
Executive Director – SimplySmart Child Care™

Passionate about Children and Education!

As a woman with a demanding job the Founder- Harleen had a difficult time selecting a child care when she had her two children. She wanted them to interact with children their age and be stimulated to develop to their fullest potential.

After her tenure at her Telecom job, she decided to build facilities that gave parents that feeling of home away from home and comfort that their children were in clean and beautiful spaces being well taught and taken care of.

She has now grown over the years and multiplied facilities while retaining the quality of care and learning that the children receive on a daily basis. She has a passion for learning and education for children as is reflected in the program design at SimplySmart. She believes in holistic development and has ensured the inclusion of Yoga, dance and music in the program by trained instructors. She is actively involved in management and running of her facilities which helps drive the delivery of her promise

  • superior learning – diving into the how with children?
  • superior relationships with parents and children
  • superior esthetics through all the teachers and staff working at SimplySmart childcare facilities.

Creativity & learning for a better future.