In order for a child to learn and grow, their parents must pick the best environment possible. The first six years of childhood are the most important for children – they have the largest impact. The childcare that your young one spends the majority of their time in should be a place where they thrive.

Quality Child Care

As a woman with a demanding job, our Founder, Harleen, had a difficult time selecting a full-day child care when she had her two children. She wanted them to interact with children their age and be stimulated to develop to their fullest potential. After her tenure at her Telecom job, she decided to build quality child care facilities. These facilities gave parents that feeling of home away from home and comfort that their children were in clean and beautiful spaces being well taught and taken care of.

Harleen has now grown over the years and multiplied facilities while retaining the quality of care and learning that the children receive on a daily basis. She has a passion for learning and education for children as is reflected in the program design at SimplySmart. Since she believes in holistic development, she has ensured the inclusion of Yoga, dance, and music in the program. She is actively involved in the management and running of her facilities, which helps drive the delivery of her promise.

SimplySmart Childcare & Montessori was created by a parent, for other parents. It is an enhanced family daycare that provides great full-day child care services. The colours and materials that are chosen at the childcare create an environment that resembles home and creates that calm feeling for children instead of a typical overstimulating day-care.

The needs of each individual parent were kept in mind and embedded into the core of our program, thus allowing our childcare & Montessori centres to be the best learning environment for their children.