At SimplySmart parents have a choice of enrolling their child in either an Emergent preschool program or our Montessori program.

Both of these Preschool programs are designed to meet the developmental needs of a preschool child on their way to kindergarten! The lessons and life skills learned at this age will follow most children throughout their entire lives. SimplySmart has created two preschool programs with this thought in mind, preparing learning experiences that help to foster healthy social skills, analytical and problem-solving skills, concentration skills, and academic excellence.

Children coloring pink paper sheets on a table


Preschoolers with learning opportunies reading an educational book

Our Gamma program is a play-based program that follows the How Does Learning Happen curriculum in Ontario.

Educators observe each child and make note of budding interests and developmental needs. They plan activities to extend learning and foster inquiry in areas of interest which provides a fun and engaging environment for exploration!

Educators also follow a curriculum outline designed by a Program and Curriculum Manager which has been created to focus on the development of specific math, language, and cognitive skills that will provide a strong foundation for academic success. Children in our Emergent program will also be introduced to various cultural and scientific themes to create a well-rounded understanding of the world around them. They will work closely with their educators to develop appropriate social skills as they navigate through play with peers, and learning to express their wants and needs clearly.

Through art expression and sensory play, our Gamma children will experiment with basic math concepts, trial and error, and building vocabulary while learning to regulate their emotions and gain self-control.

Gamma children also enjoy circle time twice a day where they will sing fun songs, read stories, and receive group lessons to extend learning in various areas. They will also discuss the calendar on a daily basis which helps young children gain a sense of time and an awareness of the world around them. When discussing the calendar, children will have the opportunity to learn about cultural celebrations, important dates and events in their community. This helps children to realize they are an important part of a greater society, and the role they play in their families and community.


Child playing with educational toys at Montessori school

Our Montessori program has been specifically designed with the needs of a preschool child in mind.

Maria Montessori once said, “the goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.” This is the very principle that our Montessori program employs as our educators carefully observe each child and track their progress in order to plan which lesson comes next, and to think carefully of how they will introduce each new concept.

Children progress through the five areas of the Montessori curriculum (Sensorial, Practical Life, Mathematics, Language Arts, and Science and Culture) at a pace that is comfortable for them. Presentations to new material are done as the child is ready and continued exploration with each material is encouraged for optimal learning.

Educators also follow a curriculum outline that has been designed by a certified MACTE educator and Program & Curriculum Manager. This curriculum outline focuses on introducing new math, language, culture, and science concepts throughout the school year to provide a strong foundation for academic success. Educators plan fun and engaging art experiences to extend learning and allow for free expression.

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