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Play-base Montessori program for children

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This facility is conveniently located at 7681 Highway 27, Vaughan, at the intersection of Highway 7 & 27. It provides easy access for working parents with its proximity to the Highway. It provides Toddler, Preschool and CASA program. It is a beautiful space with a great program that focuses on holistic learning.

Our CASA program (30 months to 6 years) is based on the curriculum developed by Maria Montessori and not only focuses on academic learning, but also allows the children to expand their mind in two other academic areas; practical life and sensorial. Our Teachers interact, observe, and discover what children are interested in and plan activities to expand your child’s learning opportunities. Our curriculum is designed to foster a love of learning and the ability to ask questions, seek out answers and build self-confidence.

We focus on our core values of Honesty, Respect, Gratitude & Generosity, Determination, Compassion & Responsibility.
At SimplySmart we believe we are creating the artists, leaders, entrepreneurs and athletes of tomorrow. Parents have access to their child’s classroom and are connected with the school via the SimplySmart Connect App where the teachers share their child’s learning outcomes, events, daily reports and much much more…

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Play-base Montessori program for children