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Five Senses in Childcare

At SimplySmart, we understand the importance of educating all the children in our care in a holistic way. We want them to experience all activities in a variety of ways. The educators plan five senses activities for preschoolers and toddlers so the children are encouraged to use their five senses. Sense of Sight What [...]

Summer Camp at SimplySmart

SimplySmart Childcare is now launching summer camps! At our summer camps, children ages 4- 6 can participate in fun activities that challenge them throughout the break. Our camp program for kindergarteners includes play-based games and dives into math, social science, and engineering. In this way, children can expand their minds while having a great [...]

Kindergarten 360

Kindergarten is such an exciting and scary time. Children are leaving behind the comforts of home or childcare to move on to something new. To make new friends and meet new teachers. At SimplySmart Childcare & Montessori our Kindergarten program creates a strong foundation for your child in all areas of development. It covers [...]

Daycare & Montessori Locations

SimplySmart Child Care Centre and Montessori provides daycare programs to children from the ages of 6 months to 6 years of age. Each of our childcare locations is very unique and comes with a story of its own. Like every child, our childcare and Montessori centres are special in their own way. Some of our [...]

The Case for Creativity

What is creativity?   Creativity is a way of thinking and expressing ourselves.  It is intelligence having fun. It is about discovering and inventing new things, which motivates us to be imaginative and inventive.  From a very early age, children demonstrate their ability to challenge, question, and discover.  Children have the ability to see things from a new [...]

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