SimplySmart Childcare is now launching summer camps! At our summer camps, children ages 4- 6 can participate in fun activities that challenge them throughout the break. Our camp program for kindergarteners includes play-based games and dives into math, social science, and engineering. In this way, children can expand their minds while having a great time. SimplySmart has locations in Mississauga, Oakville, Vaughan, and Brampton, and currently has more on the way!

Summer camps are an important part of each child’s well-being, especially if parents want them to retain knowledge and stay sharp over their two-month break. Camp teaches children social skills such as leadership and confidence. At the same time, this allows them to build beautiful friendships with others their age.

SimplySmart Summer Camp 2021

At SimplySmart summer camp 2021, kids aged 4-6 will partake in many activities that develop their cooperation skills and boost their self-esteem. We will have special guests like MysticDrumz, Mad Science, Exotic animals, etc for children to learn and explore through the summer. The children can explore nature through our science activities, all while discovering new skills and ideas every single day.

SimplySmart summer camps celebrate individuality. This allows every child to have a strong sense of belonging and comfort within their groups. Our educators emphasize the importance of bridging the gap between each school year. This is why math and science activities are strongly incorporated into our camp program.

Camp Program for Kindergartners

After the pandemic, we will be emphasizing outdoor play so that the kindergarteners can get as much fresh air as possible. Children need to spend their day being physically active, which is hard to do from home. SimplySmart summer camp will provide them with action-packed days so they can burn their energy before coming home. Our camps are also a chance for kindergarteners to unplug from technology. Many of them have spent the past year learning through a screen. This is an opportunity for them to explore their surroundings and spend time with others. Summer camps also help children grow more independent, as they will be spending the day away from their parents.

This year has brought interesting circumstances upon young children, and SimplySmart summer camp 2021 can bring them a scheduled routine and normalize their lives once again.