Happy Father’s Day from SimplySmart

Father carrying daughter on shoulders - father's day

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Today we celebrate and honourfathers across the SimplySmart community. Across our various GTA locations, our teachers and site managers have put together loads of fun activities, including a bean bag toss with Dad, superhero cape creation, fire truck colouring sheets and root beer and donuts for treats.

As a part of the SimplySmart curriculum, we help your child develop the social and language skills needed to succeed in the future. Did you know that having a father or male role model in your child’s life can also assist with those skills? Research has shown that fathers tend to ask more questions to their children than mothers do, thereby increasing their conversational and vocabulary skill sets.

What role do fathers play in child development?

The role of parents in children’sdevelopment and the amount that they are involved in is essential in early childhood stages. Having an active father in a role in a child’s life can help ensure that their child has all the support they need.

According to psychologists, having a father role in a child’s life can affect their social competence, performance in school, emotional well-being and overall state.Fathers through play introduce the element of facing challenges into their child’s life while mothers are the more nurturing parent. This creates a balance for a strong foundation for a child’s holistic development.

Depending on how one’s family is structured, the role of parents in children’s development, even those dads who live outside of the household but still see them regularly, canstill positively impact their child’s well-being. Having a loving and supportive male role model can make a difference in a child, primarily when regulating their emotions early on. It’s more about cognitive, emotional and social needs than where the parent lives. When co-parenting is involved, it’s critical to recognize that the relationship should be supportive rather than combative, as this will directly impact the child’s well-being and may result in the child exhibiting behaviour problems due to the hostile nature of the environment.

The relationship between the father role and the child affects their development

The father-daughter or father-son relationship is considered sacred and special.

Through various studies and research, one thing is clear having a father in a child’s life matters. When no father is present this can impact the person they ultimately become. Having any parent absent, let alone a father, can leave boys picking up bad characteristics and behaviours from others which doesn’t allow for much success as they mature into teens and adults. It’s best when a family, no matter the dynamic, can function together as one unit and realize that no one has to be isolated and that it’s all for the better interest of the child.

Fathers provide emotional support, that boosts self confidence and enables children to better manage stress, handle different situations and stand up for themselves which makes them happier and more resilient.

Infant and toddler daughters depend on their fathers for emotional support and security, whereas sons rely on them for approval and often mimic their character.

On behalf of all the staff and children at SimplySmart, we would like to wish everyone who is celebrating a Happy Father’s Day!

If you are looking to join a community created to help parents, we would like you to consider thinking of SimplySmart Child Care Centre & Montessori for your child and family needs. To learn more about our Play-Based or Montessori programs, please visit https://simplysmartchildcare.com/montessori/.

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