Community workers are an important representation of responsibility and sacrifice for children. We can teach them about them all the time in class but actually meeting them and listening to them tell us about their day and what they do every day and the equipment they use to conduct their jobs has a totally different impact on learning. At SimplySmart we ensure that we do the learning with the actual community workers along with the classroom lesson to enable preschoolers learn better. Talking to Fire-fighters and Police Officers teaches children how these people keep us safe. How they endanger their lives to save others? What are some of the rules that we as citizens should follow in our day to day lives? At SimplySmart in the month of November we are talking about community workers and the role they play.

We had a visit from the Fire-fighters. They spoke to the children about safety and what to do in case of a fire. Stop, Drop and Roll. We educated the children about why we should not park by the fire hydrant. The children also got to tour the fire truck and see the kind of equipment Fire-fighters have to cut through metal in case a person gets trapped. The also toured the inside of the fire-truck and loved the experience.

The police officers visited the children and told them about what to do when they need help. How the police save lives and keep law and order in the city they live in. The children learned about how important it is to wear seat belts and why we need to wear them, they learned about consequences of breaking the law, they learned about what would happen if we did not have these community workers. The children saw the kinds of computers the police have in their car and how they can extract information about people who do things that they should not do. It was a great experience for all the children and the visits were a great learning experience for both the children and the teachers.

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