Get Your Kids to Listen with These 5 Clever Tips for Following Instructions

Parents teaching their kids about following instructions while doing family activity

Are your kids having trouble following instructions? If so, you’re not alone! All parents struggle to get their kids to listen to instructions. But don’t worry – we have some great tips to help you encourage your children to follow directions. Read on for our top 5 clever ways to get your kids to listen and obey.

1. Establish clear expectations

One of the most important ways to encourage your child to follow directions is by establishing clear expectations. Kids need to know exactly what is expected of them in order to successfully follow instructions. Be confident and direct when giving directions, using clear and concise language. Make sure to maintain eye contact with your child, as this shows them that you are serious and that you expect them to listen.

2. Use positive reinforcement

Encouraging your child to follow directions can be made easier by using positive reinforcement. This means rewarding your child for following instructions and completing tasks successfully. Positive reinforcement can take various forms, such as verbal praise, high-fives, stickers, or small rewards like a special treat or extra playtime. When your child knows there is a reward waiting for them, they are more likely to listen and obey.

3. Make instructions age-appropriate and simple

When giving instructions to children, it is crucial to make them age-appropriate and simple. Kids have different levels of understanding and attention spans, so it is important to tailor your directions to their capabilities. Use language and vocabulary that they can easily comprehend. Break down complex tasks into smaller, manageable steps, providing clear and concise instructions along the way. This will help them grasp the information more easily and increase their chances of successfully following directions.

4. Incorporate fun and creativity into following instructions

Incorporating fun and creativity into following directions can be a game-changer when it comes to getting your kids to listen. By making directions feel more like enjoyable activities, you can increase their engagement and willingness to comply.

One great way to do this is by turning tasks into games. For example, instead of simply asking your child to tidy their room, turn it into a scavenger hunt where they have to find and put away specific items. You can also create a reward system, where they earn points or stickers for each task completed correctly, and then they can redeem these points for a special treat or outing.

5. Set a good example as a parent or caregiver

As a parent or carer, one of the most powerful ways to encourage your child to follow directions is by setting a good example yourself. Children are observant and learn by imitating the behaviour they see around them. So, if you want your child to listen and obey, it is essential that you demonstrate those same qualities in your own actions.

Show your child what it means to follow directions by following through on your own commitments and responsibilities. If you ask your child to put away their toys, make sure you also follow through on your own tasks. By doing so, you are showing your child that everyone in the family has a role to play and that following directions is a valuable and necessary skill.

How SimplySmart can help

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