SimplySmart Program

At our Play-based or Montessori programs our Teachers interact, observe and discover what children are interested in and plan activities to expand your child’s learning opportunities. Our curriculum is designed to foster a love of learning and the ability to ask questions, seek out answers and build self-confidence. We are a childcare that provides parents an option to choose Montessori or Play-Based program at the preschool age. Below are some details of our overall program.

Cultural Immersion

In a global economy your child needs the skills to be able to interact with the world. SimplySmart provides that through our multicultural program. The Events calendar encompasses a global view and exposes children to different cultures. Dress up clothes from around the world in our Dramatic center and celebrations of different festivals from around the world allow the children to understand different cultures around the world.

Visual Arts

We encourage children to be creative, use their imagination to explore, manipulate different textures and art materials in their classrooms. Explore primary colours and how to make secondary colours. Children learn how to respect the environment by Recycling and reusing materials collected by the room.


At SimplySmart Childcare math and number awareness is taught through day to day activities. The teachers work with the children to sort, make patterns and identify differences and similarities between classroom materials. They make charts for children to learn visually and make relations in objects and numbers.

Performing Arts Program

The focus at our Child Care Centre & Montessori is the holistic development of a child which cannot happen without performing arts. Our children participate in a music and dance and yoga program run by qualified instructors, who are trained to teach these forms of arts to early age groups.

Social Development

SimplySmart provides a platform for your child to develop their social skills from a very early age. Social skills are a key component of success in the future and your children learn to interact in our very diverse environment.

Child painting with paintbrush

Language Program

We promote early literacy, phonological awareness and a love and respect for books early on and we get children thinking about present, past and future. During morning circle we use Jolly Phonics, various songs, books and visual aids to make it fun to learn new letters and words.


Through our Science Program the children explore the life cycle of various animal and plant forms. They learn about the earth and the solar system and how things work. They learn about their six senses and the human body and health and environment in order to be able to make good choices.