Every child has different individual needs, so it is important for parents to make critical decisions on what daycare or Montessori school their child will be attending. While there are many aspects of a daycare that may impact your decision, there are a few key things you should observe when choosing a place. First and foremost, you want to look at licensed daycares. It does not mean they are perfect but at least they must follow the standards of the province or state. Let’s dive into some of the other things each parent should look for when picking childcare.

Staff interactions with children

When a parent is given a tour of childcare, they should always observe the way staff interact with children. They should see the staff being warm and caring, while also teaching the program to the best of their ability. They should be on the floor interacting with the children. At the end of the day, by enrolling their child in a daycare, a parent is putting their trust into the hands of the faculty. At SimplySmart childcare & Montessori, we train the staff thoroughly in order for parents to feel comfortable leaving their children with us. Teachers at our locations are extremely well-versed in our different curriculums, and all have a strong passion for expanding the minds of these young children.

Policies of the Childcare

Every single daycare has different policies based on what their individual values are. You want to make sure the policies are clear and outline exactly how the daycare or Montessori works. Policies are a great way for parents to learn about childcare and how they are run. Additionally, policies give great insight into how situations will be handled at the childcare. Our policies at SimplySmart are thorough and showcase our values as an organization. Every location is consistent with maintaining professionalism and adhering to our policies. Make sure to take a look at each childcare’s individual policies to ensure you are making the best decision.

A Fitting Environment

In order for children to learn and grow, they must be doing so in an environment that stimulates their minds. Children need to be cared for in places that are friendly, clean, and allow the child to explore. Larger spaces are ideal for children, as well as bright colours and clean areas. SimplySmart is well-known for our beautiful facilities. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, while also practical and optimal for children were the two goals we had in mind while designing our locations. The beautiful spaces coupled up with our wonderful faculty allow for the environment to suit every child’s needs. A child needs a space like SimplySmart child care in order to thrive during their early years. It is also important as a parent to read about the daycare’s disciplinary policy and how the children nap and eat. You also want to find out about the teacher-to-child ratio.

An Interesting Curriculum

Each daycare has a different program, or curriculum, depending on what their goals are for children. Some specialize in Montessori, others focus on play-based learning. As a parent, it is your job to decide what curriculum you want for your child. At SimplySmart, there are two different learning options your child can be placed in. We have our play-based Emergent program and our Montessori program. In SimplySmart’s play-based programs, there is a strong emphasis on engagement and expression. Thus, tying into a children’s sense of belonging and overall well-being. Through a thoughtfully designed curriculum, children are able to express all of their creativity with no borders or limitations on their minds. Whether it is an arts and crafts activity or sensory play-time, children are encouraged to explore their own version of the world.

SimplySmart’s Montessori program places importance on all four pillars of learning. The child’s sense of belonging is built through group activities like morning circles and shared playtimes. Additionally, the rotation activities that teachers perform usually involve multiple children and build cooperation skills within each individual. At SimplySmart Child Care Centre & Montessori, our daycare learning program values both the Montessori approach to teaching and the Emergent approaches. We realize that both approaches offer extremely important lessons for children. These different programs bring their unique qualities to the table, thus ensuring that each child is well suited to their individual needs.

Overall, the four factors above are just the beginning of choosing the right daycare and are extremely important in the process. Our team at SimplySmart is here to help if you have any questions about what best suits your child’s needs.