In order for children to learn, there are four necessary foundations to land upon; well-being, engagement, belonging, and expression. In order for a child to learn, they have to feel a sense of belonging within their learning community. This ties into their overall well-being, as their health and mindset amongst others, play a huge role in their learning abilities. The community experience in a childcare or Montessori setting also allows them to engage more heavily in activities and explore different concepts with every sense. And when they have grasped concepts taught, they express their newfound understanding through communication skills that are being built.

How Does Learning Happen in Play-Based Programs?

In SimplySmart’s play-based programs, there is a strong emphasis on engagement and expression, thus tying into a children’s sense of belonging and overall well-being. Through a thoughtfully designed curriculum, children are able to express all of their creativity with no borders or limitations on their minds. Whether it is an arts and crafts activity or sensory play-time, children are encouraged to explore their own version of the world. With supportive teachers and group activities, SimplySmart creates a small family within every classroom. Children engage with others their age and learn interpersonal skills, thus improving their way of expressing emotions. SimplySmart’s play-based program ties in all four pillars of learning to create a supportive environment for your child to explore

How Does Learning Happen in Montessori Programs?

SimplySmart’s Montessori program places importance on all four pillars of learning. The child’s sense of belonging is built through group activities like morning circles and shared playtimes. Additionally, the rotation activities that teachers perform usually involve multiple children, and build cooperation skills within each individual. After an activity is introduced to children, they can choose whether or not they are interested in it. The one-on-one time with teachers gives the child a comfortable space to learn. Their communication skills are developed through these individual aspects, and they learn how to express their thoughts and emotions. Questions are constantly encouraged, thus allowing children to explore their thoughts without boundaries. All of these qualities allow the child’s well-being to flourish so they can thrive and learn to the best of their ability at a SimplySmart Montessori daycare program.

How Does Learning Happen in Hybrid Programs?

At SimplySmart Child Care Centre & Montessori, our daycare learning program values both the Montessori approach to teaching and the emergent approaches. We realize that both approaches offer extremely important lessons for children. Our Hybrid childcare program utilizes both Montessori and Emergent approaches. The emergent curriculum is lead by the children in the program, with teachers there to support learning and facilitate engagement in activities. There is a dramatic centre for the children to use their imagination to be anything they want to be, to mimic what happens at home, or to open their own restaurant. Educators are observers in an emergent curriculum.

In our Hybrid program, they become a blend of presenting materials to children and engaging with them to hear what they are interested in and what they are asking about. In our Hybrid program Educators present materials on the table to spark children’s interest. It could be a container of blocks with a note that says, “what can you build?”, providing children insights on the items they can build and what those items do for us in our lives. Educators believe that the children are capable, competent, and full of knowledge. Children work independently or together in groups to problem solve, learn and grow just like in Montessori.

Our Hybrid program utilizes the practical life materials and the open-ended materials of Montessori and combines them with play-based materials to create a more social way of learning for children. These all contribute to the four pillars of learning, and all make SimplySmart Childcare and Montessori the best environment for your child to thrive.