At SimplySmart, we understand the importance of educating all the children in our care in a holistic way. We want them to experience all activities in a variety of ways. The educators plan five senses activities for preschoolers and toddlers so the children are encouraged to use their five senses.

Sense of Sight

What children see drives how they feel during the day. When colours are calm yet engaging, the children are calm and engaged. Our centres are designed with five senses in mind. The colours are calm and the children can see, there are plants the children can touch, there is music playing that the children can hear. The materials we have in the classroom are engaging and full of colour. Not only do we introduce the children to primary colours but also explain how to mix them to achieve their secondary colour. Our books are engaging with pictures that are vibrant and words that can be easily read. Our playgrounds are a stimulating environment of natural materials and a place for children to see and experience nature. Our infants have touch and feel books that incorporate two of the five senses.

Sense of Sound

The educators in the classroom introduce the children to music throughout the day. They do this through song or thorough playing music for the children. We focus on music from around the world and also introduce French to the children. Music can provoke many feelings in children from happiness, to the sillies to relaxing and feeling calm. Educators use music as a form of engagement with the children throughout the day.

Sense of Touch

This is one of the five senses is one that children love. Our materials come in various textures, shapes, and weight. The children are introduced to sensory bases activities such as playdough, sand, and water. Each of those sensory activities allows the children to explore through touch. Playdough they can mold and shape and use various tools to create patterns and build with. Sand allows the children to feel the gritty texture that encourages imagination.

A child can take a car and watch the wheels make an imprint in the sand. They can use a sifter to watch the tiny grains fall through the holes and back into the sand. With water play, educators can add coloured ice so the children can watch it melt. They can feel the cold texture of the ice with their hands. There are so many things that we can introduce to children to allow them to explore.

Sense of Taste

SimplySmart provides a very nutritious and healthy menu throughout a child’s day. We start with a morning snack that is similar to breakfast, followed by a nice hot lunch and an afternoon snack. The children taste a variety of foods. We expand their pallet and introduce them to meals. These meals help to give them the energy to make it through the day.

Sense of Smell

In child care, there are many things that can entice a child’s sense of smell. From homemade banana bread baking in the oven to the smell of scented playdough. The smell of a freshly washed blanket or the shirt of a trusted teacher.

Overall teachers also plan lessons based on five senses for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. SimplySmart Childcare & Montessori is a daycare facility that truly does meet all the fundamental needs a child has to learn about their five senses. We at SimplySmart strive to meet all the needs of a child to grow, feel safe, and learn.