Best Toddler Program in Vaughan

Child playing with wooden numbers at SimplySmart Child Care - Vaughan

Toddler Daycare in Vaughan

SimplySmart Childcare & Montessori Vaughan is conveniently located at 7681 Highway 27, Vaughan, at the intersection of Highway 7 & 27. It provides easy access for working parents with its proximity to the Highway. This daycare provides Toddler, Preschool, and CASA programs. It is a beautiful childcare space with a great program that focuses on the holistic learning and development of toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners.

The Toddler program has been carefully designed to help children transition from infants to kids ready for preschool. The children participate daily in age-appropriate activities geared to developing their social and individual skills. The focus is on developing their self-confidence and self-help skills. The children learn about everything around them. The program includes math, reading, fine motor, science, dramatic play, sensory exploration, and outdoor learning to develop them for preschool. Our program is based on Emergent curriculum and incorporates all the parts of “How Does Learning Happen”.

We focus on our core values of Honesty, Respect, Gratitude & Generosity, Determination, Compassion & Responsibility.

As parents, you are involved with your child’s day at the childcare center as the teachers send you their learning outcomes via our SimplySmart Connect App. You also have access to your child’s classrooms if you choose to do so via live streaming.

Child playing with wooden numbers at SimplySmart Child Care - Vaughan