SimplySmart Daycare & Montessori
London – Wonderland Road South

Franchising Opportunity available

About the Daycare Centre

  • A great location with approximately 80 to 90 kids is set to begin construction in June 2022.
  • Over 3000 children between 0-5 years, in a 3km radius around the location which is a great opportunity for a franchisee.
  • Personal investment capital of $450k-$500k required.
  • The Franchisee will be a part of the process right from the start and participate in the build and creation of the SimplySmart-London location.

How to apply for the Franchise location?

Kids drawing around the table

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Daycare Contact Information

Address: 1225 Wonderland Road North
London, ON, N6G 4X2

Phone: (905) 593-6780


Hours of operation:
Construction starting in June 2022