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301, 2022

Expand your child’s learning opportunities

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A child’s brain is developing and building the most connections with neurons in the first 2 years of their life. Childcare provides learning opportunities for parents to enable their children to achieve optimal development in those years.

SimplySmart childcare and Montessori has a program that is designed to create the ability in children to ask questions and seek out answers while expanding their learning opportunities. Learning in early childhood happens mostly through senses- touch, smell, see, hear and taste. They learn largely through interactions with each other, childcare providers, parents, and other people in their lives.

How do teachers figure out what the child is interested in?

At SimplySmart Daycare and Montessori programs, teachers interact, observe and discover the child’s interests during different moments of the day. They first start by paying attention to what the child gravitates to when they enter the classroom and move around the space. The toddler and preschool teachers after setting up learning invitations, navigate between the different spaces to talk to the children about the different materials laid out that day in the classroom and figure out which areas grab the children’s interests. Then they also engage with the children in answering their questions and encouraging […]

2410, 2021

Engaging preschoolers or kindergartners in STEM!

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What is STEM? It is a learning approach where the children learn through Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In an early childhood setting, STEM can develop the minds of the children as well as many different developmental skills. Inside the daycare or school setting, there are fun ways to introduce these concepts. 

Teaching STEM to Preschoolers/Early Learners/Montessori Children

In a childcare setting, you must know that children adapt to learning STEM concepts and there are many different ways to explore them. Allowing the children to be free and encouraging them to connect with the real world is all part of how STEM works.

Let us view the different areas of STEM:

  • SCIENCE: Gathering & exploring data. Learning about the world and problem solving
  • TECHNOLOGY: Computers, tablets, and tools designed to meet the needs of people
  • ENGINEERING: Designing tools, structures & systems
  • MATHEMATICS: Shapes, angles, distances & numbers

STEM Activity Example in an Early Childhood Setting, or Daycare, Childcare, and Montessori

At SimplySmart Childcare Centre & Montessori, the children were interested in stacking the snow on top of each other and packing it as if more snow were coming out of it. The children called it “a […]